Tie Your Shoestrings Here

Fighting Normalcy One Post at a Time


Oh, hello dear interstellar digital dimension reader…

How on earth did you manage to arrive here when there are a million other blogs other there that are a trillion times more interesting?
Did you get lost on the multiple pathways that guide your internet browsing habits?
Oh well, your here now you might as well stay for a while won’t you? I don’t suppose you would like an apple strudel, I’ve got an entire oven full of the stuff.

In any case, I’m Mittens and welcome to Tie Your Shoestrings Here. 

What’s this blog about? Well… weddings, food, lifestyle, film and television, books, music … yeah that sort of stuff. It’s a pick and mix bag of my interests, of my questionable tastes. I should give you fair warning about what might be to come- discussions about hot and cold breasts (thanks Louise), my insatiable appetite for complex relationships between characters, constant bemoaning of my immortal love for flawless actors, actresses and fictional people.
Oh and I forgot there will be cursing, quite a fair bit of cursing.
Sorry, what’s that? “Don’t you have a life?” Nope, never heard of such a thing.

I talk too much, here my week’s Wrap Up:

1. The Movie: The Dark Knight Rises

The final instalment of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Even if you don’t like superhero characters, you cannot tell me that you don’t want to salivate over Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard and Cillian Murphy (Good god, that man is perfection, I would sell my soul to him).

2. The Band: Arctic Monkeys

Sorry, I can’t stop making eyes at you. Nope, never won’t stop. NEVER you hear me!!

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