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The Wedding Bonanza

1. Green Wedding Shoes

Like icing sugar on pancakes, Green Wedding Shoes is a website that is completely devoted to the sacred ceremonial bondage of marriage.
The photos all look like they’re been captured by a professional photographer. I assume with great certainty that they do employ their services.
The stories that are posted on this blog makes your heart sing with the tiny bright flame of joy that tells you that maybe somewhere out there, in this crazy, completely vapid world there is that special someone who will love me for the rest of my life. A special someone who will not in ten years time run off with a bad boob job stripper with a name like Venus. Someone who will not tell you sometime down the road that he is actually, in fact, gay.
This website has the lot and I assume that when I’m talking about the lot, you know I mean the works. Wedding settings, bouquet arrangements, bridal party gifts.
Sure, most wedding blogs have this sort of thing but Green Wedding Shoes is special in the fact that they specialise mainly in outdoor weddings. Weddings that *gasp* are actually held in places where trees grow and the air doesn’t come second hand from the air conditioner, I know shocking right?
If you are planning an outdoor wedding or at least considering it, take a look at this website and you’ll find plenty of great ideas that will either cement the fact that, yes you should have that outdoor wedding with the gardenias that you’ve been dreaming of since you were a child or no, you actually do prefer staying in doors with the sweet, sweet reminder of concrete.

2. 100 Layer Cake 

On a budget? Don’t you worry your tiny stressed out heart. 100 Layer Cake is here to solve your dilemma.
They’ve got a pop-up shop. A wonderful, beautiful pop up shop that is bursting to the brim with wedding accessories. They’ve got everything, the entire kitchen sink so that you, beautiful person, can save that pretty penny and still plan a good wedding. You can now get some really amazing gift products that will help in the reception or maybe you can get the accessories for the bridesmaids for a cheap deal.
Of course the draw back is that you’ve got to be a member before you can get to the pop up shop and the items in the ‘shop’ itself changes. So if your in need of a certain item you might not have it in stock. The name ‘pop up shop’ also means that it’s not exactly reliable.

3. Once Wed 

Once Wed has a magazine. Aside from that, it isn’t very different from the wedding blogs that I’ve featured here.
But hold on, here’s the real defining feature of this blog.
It sells second hand wedding dresses. Yes, you heard me right, second hand wedding dresses.
Your getting your bridal gown at a cheaper price, which means you have now more money for the reception or the honeymoon!
For the sellers your not only helping a potential bride find the dress of her dreams but your also earning back a little of the money you spent originally.
Now that is a cool wedding blog.
If you’ve got issues with wearing second handed dresses just remember the saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”.
Buying a second hand dress doesn’t mean your getting something bad, your actually welcoming luck into your marriage. Just think: the bride who wore this before you was a happy one so her happiness added with yours will only create an even happier marriage.

3 comments on “The Wedding Bonanza

  1. travelranter
    September 24, 2012

    I’m not as enthusiastic about weddings as you are, but I certainly agree that they are the ultimate union between two people, and should be celebrated in the most glorious way; and I don’t mean in a materialistic sense, where everything is “the most expensive”. The most important thing is the value of the experience, and the mutual acquisition of someone that can be relied on, consulted and trusted at any time. I’ve seen a lot of wedding blogs around, and they are packed with all the possible things you could need to know about weddings. There’s ones that critique the mass media weddings, ones that critique on the weddings in films. The list is endless. The accessibility is endless, and changes the way weddings are carried out these days. Fantastic post, and I can get a real sense of how enthusiastic you are about your agenda.

  2. lucy82301112
    October 19, 2012

    Your passion for weddings is clear in this post and I certainly agree that there is something alluring about the love story behind a wedding -each unique and each destined to play out in a different way. What remains the same though, is the love present at the moment and that is certainly something worthy of celebration, the fact that a beautiful dress is usually involved doesn’t hurt either!

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