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Down with Dieting and Up with Beautiful Butter

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, they don’t know that also applies to me.

I’m perfectly happy with freshly baked mixed berry pie and hot chocolate wrapped up in a warm blanket and a damn good book. That’s my idea of happiness.
So with that said, I’d like to share some of the food blogs I follow and why I do (it isn’t just because of them good looking cookies although it’s a big plus in my book):

                                                                                                                                      JOY THE BAKER 

Joy The Baker was one of the first few food blogs I encountered but even then I knew that her recipes were something I would most definitely cook/bake at home for my family and friends. Her little burbs of text are incredibly fun and she treats you like a life long friend, she wants you to eat food that makes you happy and to share that joy with everyone else in the world. I’d imagine that a great food blog has fantastic food photos and this blog sure has that. She’s even got her very own podcasts you can listen to so download them and pop them in your mp3/ipod player and chuck it on speakers while your having fun in the kitchen. If her recipes don’t make you want to get off your couch and start pulling on your apron I honestly don’t know what will.
Extra: She’s even got her own cookbook that you can buy on Amazon! This is going on this years christmas wish list!!


One of my more recent discoveries: meet Pepper.PH, a Philippine based food blog that has recipes that are just as swanky as their website design is. If your looking for healthy food stuff you won’t find it here. This is all indulge-your-cravings, pack-on-the-butter, pass-me-that-extra-bacon sort of food blog and I am all up for it. The five people manning the helm are all from the Philippines and they have style, their unique take on a food blog makes it’s extra sparkly just the way I like it. The fact that it’s from South East Asia is another major plus point cause we need more of this kind of inspirational start up blogs in the Orient. In any case don’t hesitate to stock up on cheese and butter, you’ll be needing it if your going to try these awesome recipes out.
Extra: I don’t know many food blogs that give out goodies and freebies but this blog does so if your from the Philippines your pretty damn lucky!

                                                                                                                                       Smitten Kitchen

When I first started blog hunting, I managed to come cross Smitten Kitchen and immediately had my heart stolen from beneath my nose. All her recipes look disgustingly good to eat and it doesn’t help that this food blog has an amazing resource page that helps the most novice of people. I guess what really makes me love food blogs is the fact that these people actually try out their food before they post it. In cook books you don’t know if the cooks have left out certain ingredients or the fact that they haven’t actually tried out their very own recipes to see if it works. Another thing is the fact that the recipes in cook books are sometimes so difficult like you need special appliances in order to create them but food blogs are relatively simple and if you’ve got trouble you can directly contact the chef and figure your way out of the mess. This food blog has some beautiful desserts that I am just dying to try when I get back to Singapore (my Australian base has no oven, I know the absolute horror) especially that peach pie recipe, it looks sinfully delicious and if topped with vanilla ice-cream that would be the picture of what heaven may look like.



Like any typical Asian family we have been affected with the Hanyu (Korean) Wave that has swept across the world. My mother and I have a great fondness for good Korean food especially since we have been to Korea and have the nasty habit of comparing the standard to those back in Korea. However Maangchi is a food blog that not only is run by a real life Korean (although she does live in America) but it is simple to follow and really delicious. The recipes I have tried out are really good and she has an unbelievable amount of followers. Maangchi even has her own series of books and dvds! Korean food is not always spicy, if you can’t take the heat there are other avaliable options and even the non-spicy version of several dishes you can make for yourself. If you were recently affected by something sad: boyfriend dumped you, loss of job, an argument with family, a tiff with your best friend, download the recipe for Bibimbap and quickly create it in a stainless steal bowl before settling in with a rom-com Korean drama, it will surely perk you up.

So these are just some of my favourite food blogs, I really hope that you’ll enjoy them as much as I do and start to head into your neglected kitchen for some honest cooking. You don’t need to be a pro all you need is a good recipe, a hunger for good food and joy before you can create amazing dishes to awe your friends and yourself. That’s all I have to say this week, here’s wishing you make that delicious honey chicken that you can share with friends and family.

Image: http://chrissyfitness.blogspot.com.au/

Oh, and if anyone’s interested in what happened with Jeremy Renner….


My mother told me I’d have a billion in one chance before I managed to actually meet him but I got to meet him, shake his amazingly warm and friendly hand, take a photograph with him and an autograph! Take that ma! I was so nervous and there were loads of people so I quite nearly vomited there and then but I was really lucky because I met these amazing girls who allowed me to tag along and helped me with my panic attacks and were just so friendly, if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t have been able to meet him. SO to those girls I thank you all so much and I will pray that you both be continually blessed. Also I’d like to think that God was feeling especially nice to me because I prayed for an entire week straight that I might be able to just get a blurry photograph. God probably took pity on me and helped me out loads so thanks again God! I won’t show you the photo I took with him cause I look so spastic and I look horrifying next to smouldering Renner but I will show you the one good photo I managed to take of him, here it is (KYAA!!!):

He was so unbelievably nice although he is a little awkward with fame (sorry Renner but that’s how you come across to me) but he was so sweet. I practically shoved my magazine under his nose for him to sign and he did. He was about to walk away but I quickly asked him for a photo and he was just, argh I don’t even know how to describe it and the girl who was always so caring to poor pathetic me snapped our photo AND just before he left to another fan I gave him my hand to shake which he didn’t have to but he did and told him “Congratulations on your new movie” (I didn’t know what else to say, my brain was totally in shock) and he turned to me, gave me this blinding smile (I swear it was like have a spotlight shinning your way) and said ‘thanks’ in his ovary melting voice. Good grief, my knees nearly collapsed under me when I came face to face with this amazing actor.

Look at this man with his adorable, handsome smile and tell me if you don’t think that he deserves so much more than what he has? This feeling of joy has been following me since I met him and to tell you the truth I don’t think that I’ll be able to get over it soon, maybe in two to three months when the assignments are piling up in front of me. ALSO to everyone who has had to listen to me gush about my once in a lifetime encounter with this fantastic human being I’m so sorry, I’ll keep my squealing to myself. To my family who has had to listen to me talking about this incident over and over again I am sorry but you’ve got me as a daughter so deal with it, you knew what you were getting into when I said that I was going to the premier!

Okay I’m honestly done now. Sorry about that, I just had to get that out of my system even if no one cares I got to meet the brilliant Jeremy Renner.

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