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I Don’t Believe in Outer Space


So, anyway, on Sunday I went to watch a play- ‘I Don’t Believe in Outer Space’. It’s a German production by The Forsythe Company. It’s a play about life, it’s fragility and a whole lot of other stuff that I didn’t quite get.
I am not my sister who is the exact sort of person who’d go to a museum for fun, drinking bubbly champagne through crystal flutes and is all made up to look like high society. I’m the sort of person who would rather spend my time at home watching a marathon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But, I like culture even though most of the time I don’t quite get it and am more of the country bumpkin. In any case, an outing to a play is a great way of getting all dolled up. Why am I telling you this? It’s because when you read my thoughts on the play and think ‘gods, she’s really simple, absolutely no substance’ you’d actually remember that I am not part of the social sphere where arts is a staple.

Depicted in a littered, rather sparse landscape the entire play was really amazing. They used ‘I will Survive’ in such a new and inventive way although I didn’t quite get it until AFTER the whole performance, yup, I am just that dim. I really enjoyed the performers, they were all so flexible and agile. Super envious of these elastic people. It was as if when they were conceived in their mothers womb, the cells had a discussion on how much elasticity they should implant into the awaiting embryo. In my case, the cells were being real stuck up tightwads and didn’t deem me important enough to give me any elasticity at all.
Sorry, I’m going off track again. Back to the play, the contemporary feel of the dancing was something that I loved very much. I haven’t been to many plays in my lifetime, especially not those that were solely based on dancing aside from ballet but that is a whole kettle of fish entirely. I’m biased probably because to me anything done by Europeans is always better but I enjoyed this so much. The music for the play was something that I swear was absolutely brilliant. If they released it on CD I would have brought it immediately afterwards. It was peppered with real fluid and haunting moments of pure isolation before jumping into bouncy, crazy pop like beats.

The audience laughed a lot it was probably what made me laugh loads more too. During the moments when I thought that it wasn’t funny and someone let out a giggle, I giggled too. There was a scene when a pair of dancers did a ping pong relay which was hilarious. It was really brilliant to watch their bodies move so well, I could almost see the ball (which was non-existent) moving; even one part of it was done under the idea of slow motion. The pop culture influence was something I could totally relate to, thanks to my endless fascination with it.

I Don’t Believe in Outer Space, is something that I thought was really brilliant. Outer Space doesn’t mean the universe with the planets thing but even the idea of your neighbours. When was the last time you actually had a chat with your neighbours, invited them over for a drink? Do you even know your neighbours? That is a bit like outer space as well don’t you think? I guess what makes this play so interesting for me was that these big concepts that the director want to show to the audience were things I don’t really understand. I wasn’t sure how to interpret things but somehow I managed to get some limited understanding of the director’s style.

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