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It Really is About the Flora

Weddings are costly affairs. Especially if the wedding was a large, ostentatious and tastefully offensive affair. No amount of money can account for bad taste. Not even if you had an entire Olympic sized pool full of cash.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

                                                           Courtesy of Once Wed



You’ve got to get a venue for the reception and the ceremony, you need to get bridesmaid dresses, the bridal gown which will set you back a few thousands (if your lucky), the catering, the grooms outfit, the jewelry, the invites, the method of transportation and so much more. Most importantly you have the floral arrangements to worry about. And if your completely useless at planning your own wedding, you’ll hire a wedding planner to help you out. All this would eventually amount to a pricey number in which your husband (who should be putting out most of the money) will have to part with after several sleepless nights crying over.

Now, I hear you asking what has this got to do with anything? Your being really wishy-washy about the whole thing! Calm down, I’m getting there.

You could have pot luck and you’ll save several hundreds, you could rent your wedding clothes or just get second hand ones, you could set the ceremony up in your back yard, you could even just email/text/facebook/twitter your invites (I do not recommend any of these at all) and you could just doll up your old pick up truck with bargain bin fabric. Getting creative and everything is good, it will save you a lot but the one thing you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT singe on is the floral arrangements.

                                                           A Out-door Ranch Wedding (Jillian and Adam). See the flowers? (Loved their setting and colours)

I’m no green thumb myself. All the carrots I grew never sprouted and the only thing that I could even remotely grow was bean sprouts on a wad of wet cotton wool. That was it. I’m so not entirely into the whole outdoor thing because, 1. There are insects, 2. There are insects and 3. Oh have I mentioned that there are insects? I cannot stand insects. When there was a spider in my room I tried to get the receptionist to come up and kill it for me. When that didn’t work I spent an hour praying desperately to God and holding up a shaking pesticide spray can all while swaddled in two blankets and gloves. When I finally managed to get it to drop onto the newspaper, I flung it outside my window, littering be damned. That is how much I hate insects. I swear it is the legs, just the legs and the antenna and who am I kidding, it’s everything.

Still, I adore flowers. If I could, I would choose to live in a florist or a greenhouse but only if there are no insects. The multitude of colours and the whole vibrancy of flora is something that makes a wedding so special. I don’t think I have ever see a wedding where there are no flowers at all. Flowers are not only a centrepiece but they are also accompaniments for the table setting (to be placed on charger plates), they help the receptionist look awfully cheery and they add a jovial mood. An added bonus is that they make the place smell real good, with so many people around it would be good to have a bunch of flowers on hand to diffuse the scent of one of the best man’s toxic post stag-night vomit or one of the older folk’s planetary destroying farts.

                                                           Courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes

Most, most, most and I cannot stress this enough is the bridal bouquet. I don’t care how poor you are, you could at least try to rustle up some florals for your lovely bride to be right? And if your poor, why are you holding such a big wedding in the first place? Please reacquaint yourself with the first few paragraphs of this post. I’m currently shaking your digitalize self from all across the internet in hopes that you’ll wake up and smell the roses (pun intended). Bridal bouquets are pivotal in a wedding and you cannot send your bride walking down the isle without flowers in her hand. It’s so empty and devoid of emotional attachment, I would feel awfully sorry for anyone walking down that isle without a bridal bouquet.

One of the most beautiful floral/bridal shoots I’ve seen in recent months. Look at the colours. Sigh. 
Courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes 

The rest of my monologue here is essentially squee-age about how flowers are so beautiful, blah, blah, blarg. I hate being so wordy, it’s like reading academic essays all over again. Instead, why don’t you take a look at some of these beautiful floral arrangements. You might not be planning a wedding but they also make for amazing party pieces! (See, weddings are not just a one shot thing)

                                                                                    (via. Style Me Pretty)

                                                                                    (via. Style Me Pretty)
(Via. Brooklyn Bride)

(Via. Brooklyn Bride)

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