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On Bedazzling

I know what your thinking at this very moment.

What on earth is she talking about? Bedazzling? What has that got to do with weddings? Isn’t Bedazzling something only trashy women do?
Well folks, I’ll enlighten you.


To be more precise, my version of bedazzling is all about the BLING.

A little bit of Bling makes for stylish elegance. Also- Pink. My favourite colour of all-time.

We shall just define it in the most simplest of terms- of sparkly objects, of bright gemstones. Yes, I’m talking about the jewels.

In a wedding, the bride should have an array of accessories ready to wear. These necklaces, bracelets, veils, clips, whatever it is should be in the bride’s disposal to pick and choose which she will glamourise herself with. The bridesmaids themselves need a spot of bling. What would a wedding be like if the bride had no jewelry to wear?

Recently on Australian Network television, on the 10 network they had a program called ‘Don’t tell the Bride’ in which the gave the couple a $25,000 budget to spend on their wedding. The only catch was that the groom was the one in charge of the wedding. As people will know, reality television is not reality at all. And as a wedding enthusiast, I had a truck load of issues with that show. It was like watching someone get mauled by a great white shark and while it is horrifying you simply cannot look away. It was that sort of experience.


Most of the couples on the show had a wedding I didn’t care for. However it did give me the insight to how exactly a man thinks. It cemented the fact that wedding preparation should be done by the bride. I’m sure out there in this vast world that we live in, there are the small pool of males who can arrange a marvellous wedding for their bride to be. This was not the case.

For good television, you had to have characters who would obviously waste their time partying, drinking and hanging out with mates that is what pulls in the rating.
The whole program really made me question how well these men knew their wife to be and how were their commitments like? You had these grooms drinking, spending ridiculous amounts of money on themselves, choosing the wrong dress, not buying any jewelry for their wives (only a few did). It was horrific knowing that these women were getting married to someone who was unreliable.

Kate Ritchie- The Host of ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’

Sure they saw something beautiful in their husband to be, that maybe underneath all those craggy layers they really did love them. Maybe. But in my case, I couldn’t see that. It honestly bothered me because I genuinely wanted to feel happy for the couple but I couldn’t. This makes me a bad human being and it’s not something I’m proud of but really when it comes down to it, did you really want to marry this person? In the long term would you two last?


On Left- Jason and Tarin, On Right- Aaron and Melissa (couples on the show)

The grooms sent out invitations via facebook! That appalled me. How could anyone have a port-a-loo for a toilet if your holding an outdoor wedding? I questioned my very own sanity as I bit my lip bloody hoping that I would get through it all. I guess in some way they, here referring to the producers of the program, cheated. They separated the couple for a long time and they had absolutely no contact aside from a letter. One letter. If your being separated from the person you love the most for so long and then finally get to see them again, I don’t think it mattered if you did a piss poor job on the wedding. You’d be so overcome with joy at finally being able to touch, kiss and hug that person again. Also, I’m sure that they had to have drawn up a contract that the couples had to abide to. The manufactured happy ending was gag worthy and I hated that. If I were I in their shoes I would be upset at how certain things just didn’t go my way.

You think I’m being selfish? Go ahead but I maintain my stance that a wedding this the collaboration of two hearts, of giving and taking and that it is the bride’s special day, you have to make the bride happy because in a woman’s life, the wedding day is in the top three of life’s most important events. Ever.

*** End of Rant ***

Whew. Got that done with.

I’m going to be showing you several cool jewelry pieces that you can consider about. Mainly this section is jewelry porn so it’s bright, it’s sparkly and it’s so pretty…. gosh, even if you aren’t getting married jewelry like this is for all occasions. I’m drooling already…

Oh and before I forget, more is not necessarily a good thing. You totally don’t want to end up with something like a gypsy wedding do you? In the case of jewelry, the main thing to remember is ‘just enough’. Wearing a jewelled hairpiece? Then just add either a necklace or a bracelet to go with. If you aren’t interested in that, add a sparkly pin in your hair. Elegance is what your trying to achieve and for that you must remember before you leave the wedding parlour take one piece off. That way you’ll never go wrong.

If you want more information on the pieces featured here just click on the image and you’ll head to the shop.
Did I mention I love Etsy?

Vintage Jewel Hairband. (Crystal).
Price Range: US $89

Vintage Bridal Comb. (Swarovsik and White Gold Plated)
Price Range: US $95

Chandelier Bridal Earings. (Swarovsik Crystal).
Price Range: US $65

Vintage Bridal Necklace. (Swarovsik Pearls)
Price Range: US $85

Ornate Lace Filigree Earing and Pendant Set. (Crystal)
Price Range: US $89

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