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It Really is About the Flora

Weddings are costly affairs. Especially if the wedding was a large,¬†ostentatious and tastefully offensive affair. No amount of money can account for bad taste. Not even if you had an … Continue reading

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On Bedazzling

I know what your thinking at this very moment. What on earth is she talking about? Bedazzling? What has that got to do with weddings? Isn’t Bedazzling something only trashy … Continue reading

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Aunt Agony is Here to Help

Hi, Aunty Agony here. I heard that you’ve got a wedding to go to but your not entirely sure what to get the bride. Don’t worry, I’ve got the perfect … Continue reading

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The Movies Almost Never Get it Right

Hollywood seems to be hellbent on creating some of the most atrocious weddings. I don’t know if it’s because America has been exposed to super trashy Vegas like weddings with … Continue reading

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The Wedding Bonanza

1. Green Wedding Shoes Like icing sugar on pancakes, Green Wedding Shoes¬†is a website that is completely devoted to the sacred ceremonial bondage of marriage. The photos all look like … Continue reading

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